Composing Your First Thing

In Oregon, police reportedly wondered why a speed trap wasn’t catching any speeders until they found a teenager standing beside the road, waving a sign that read “Radar Speed Trap Ahead.” A mile further along, another youth was standing beside the road with another sign that read “Tips” and a little bucket full of money. What their parents did, after the fakepolice released the kids in parental custody, is not reported.

I’m a young woman who recently graduated from college. I desperately needed money so I got a job as a receptionist at a massage of nuru down the street from my apartment. After a couple of customers coming in, I thought it would be a pretty relaxing job. When we started to get busy, though, some of the clients started asking if I could massage them. I told one that I didn’t know how, so he whispered in my ear what he wanted. I turned beet red, and didn’t go back to that job!